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 The Live Youth Sports Network (LYSN) is a community run online live streaming platform dedicated to local sports with a concentration on High School Sports in the 16,100 local school districts in the United States. In the local school districts are 30,000+ secondary schools and another 10,000+ private high schools according to the National Center for Educational Statistics (2012). 

Live streaming high school and junior high sports across the country. Watch Live Youth Sports from your mobile phone or laptop.

Live Youth Sports was created to give an internet platform for live-stream of all junior and high school sports.  Live YOUTH SPORTS Network plans on a national campaign to link school systems to our network by offering a percentage of the revenues as a “fundraiser” for the school’s athletics.

We believe this collaboration between the schools and our network will benefit all parties involved by letting traveling parents, grandparents, scouts, coaches, alumni watch and support youth athletics in their area they choose. Live Youth Sports will market locally and nationally to bring in a broad viewing audience.

The Live Youth Sports Network provides the equipment and expertise to the local school district and access to a professionally designed website to display and monetize the content it produces in the local community. This will serve as the consolidator for both the local school district offerings and a national distribution channel of the content. LYSN will work with the local radio and television networks as a content provider to these strategic partners by providing live feeds from events and archived content for future use. In return, the local stations will mentor the LYSN affiliates in the schools on video production, the affiliates will generate highlights to use in the local TV and radio broadcasts. This will be a true symbiotic relationship, an apprenticeship program for many local stations.

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Our subsidiary Live Youth Sports Network has an independent website. Please visit to find out more about what LYSN is all about! 

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