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We intend to become the preeminent developer of world class family entertainment complexes that have an emphasis on youth travel sports, health and fitness, shopping and music. We plan on building a complex that can be duplicated internationally to countries that have developed a strong youth travel sports presence. It’s our goal to be the largest company in America who provides streaming live high school sporting events. Finally it is our intent to continue to make acquisitions of companies that will supply goods or services to our complexes both during construction and on an ongoing basis. Part of our business model was to install high definition cameras at each of our sports fields and venues for the purposes of selling streaming services. 


We are a Publicly Traded Company currently listed on the Pink Sheets. Our Stock Symbol is; BTHR

Our stock is quoted on all major stock sites including; Yahoo, Bloomberg, TDAmeritrade, OTCMarkets and a host that includes all major stock quotation systems. 

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Our Immediate Future

Our company is actively engaged in identifying acquisition candidates of private company's who's core business fits into our business model. It is our intention whenever possible, is to own as wholly owned subsidiaries, company's that can provide essential products and services it will need to support its core business. These subsidiaries will range from high technology company's who can supply critical software support including point of sale, data storage, cloud management and inventory control. Other subsidiaries will be purchased or formed might include Synthetic Turf sales and installation, live streaming of sporting events and an endless list of other businesses all of which will support our core business and generate revenues by providing services or selling products to customers on a national scope.


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