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We intend to become the preeminent developer of world class family entertainment complexes that have an emphasis on youth travel sports, health and fitness, shopping and music. We plan on building a complex that can be duplicated internationally to countries that have developed a strong youth travel sports presence. 


We are a Publicly Traded Company currently listed on the Pink Sheets. Our Stock Symbol is; BTHR

Our stock is quoted on all major stock sites including; Yahoo, Bloomberg, TDAmeritrade, OTCMarkets and a host that includes all major stock quotation systems. 

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Our Immediate Future

Our company is actively engaged in identifying prime real estate ranging in size from the small end of 120 acres to a maximum of 320 acres for which to build its first youth sports, family entertainment complex. Our search has been narrowed to central Florida down to SW Florida. We are working with multible resources to find the perfect property. The company has filed a Regulation A Tier One Registration Statement with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Once qualified it will allow the company to sell up to 120,000,000 shares of its common stock at a price ranging from $0.025 to $0.08 per share. The Company can amend its filing as sell its stock at higher prices as market conditions allow. The maximum raise of this offering is $3,000,000. Once the sale of these shares is completed we plan on filing a Tier Two Regulation A Registration to raise additional capital to begin construction. The money raised in the Tier One Registration will be used for expenses related to audits, general operating expenses and expenses related to developing working drawings for our first complex. 


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